Oak Park's Facilities

Oak Park has been designed and equipped in such a way as to facilitate the stay most patients with disabilities mobility. The building design allows seamless access to the garden and the inmates all the resort facilities such as dining room, hall and psychotherapy occupational therapy or rehabilitation room, giving freedom of movement and independence. 

Each of our rooms is equipped with:

  • specialized terminal wall, an integral part of the system Calling system to facilitate contact and supervision of nursing-care
  • camera for remote surveillance of nursing (valid sudden deterioration in health conditions)
  • separate, fully equipped bathroom, provides the appropriate level of hygiene and intimacy
  • fully automated electric bed Hill-Rom brand with high quality mattresses przeciwodleżynowymi or thermoplastic

In addition, the resort is equipped with all the required basic medical equipment required to meet the requirements of the National Health Fund.
Another advantage of our proximity to the resort is managed by Manamedica Sp. With o.o. multidisciplinary clinic where patients Oak park without leaving the bed can be diagnosed in using:

  • Ultrasound of the abdomen and heart BTL
  • ABPM (holter)
  • In the future RTG
  • All blood and urine tests
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