My dad stayed at the resort four months. Hit in a very bad shape not only physically but also mentally. That's what happened to me in Oak Park than my expectations. The entire staff - people who surrounded my father his professional care, as well as a friendly warm smile, you never met before. This is not just a resort. There, the atmosphere resembles a warm home, after leaving this place, where is the smile and kindness in the first place - I look there often and nothing changes. Oak Park would recommend highly. We cordially greet and hot for everything thank you Dr. Manasterska and Mr. Doctor Manasterskiemu, ladies of Physiotherapy, who are hard at work with patients, carers all ladies, Nurses, Mrs. Magda - therapist. Best wishes also to Mr. Sebastian. In these cordial greetings not to be missed very sympathetic and benevolent lady manager Gretel. Thank you for everything. 


Yours sincerely

Katarzyna Paraniuk


Oak Park Resort in Wołów is ideal for elderly people in need of care, rehabilitation. The resort very clean, well maintained, and the staff employed in it are wonderful, kind, friendly and helpful people. They create a friendly and warm atmosphere for its residents. For half a year at the resort he was my father. He took very good care, emotional support, well-organized time through various activities. 


I would recommend to all interested Nursing Center - Rehabilitation Oak Park Wołów


Krystyna Marków

The resort positively surprised. Price compared to what one gets is justified. There are a few things to improve, but overall is fine.

Marek, 62 years old

My parents stayed at the resort for three Month and I really did not expect such good care. My parents were a stay praised, and their health has improved. Greetings from Ms. occupational therapy :)

Joanna, 50 years old

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