Activity Oak Park is based on a combination of nursing and medical care including wide rehabilitation treatment:

  1. We take care of patients with disorders of the following type:

    1. chronic diseases
    2. the elderly and infirm
    3. physically disabled
    4. with bedsore ulcers
    5. chronic wounds
    6. ischemic ulcers
    7. requiring full time care
    8. after cerebral stroke and other neurological disorders that require intensive rehabilitation several hours a day
  2. We rehabilitate using:

    1. Kinesitheraphy, which includes:
      1. therapeutic massage
      2. active and passive exercise
      3. Starting physicall activity after stroke/li>
      4. learning to walk
    2. stroke rehabilitation carried out with the UCIC (Universal Cabinet of Improving Characteristics)
    3. phototherapy:
      1. Sollux lamp with blue and red filter (used to treat bedsores)
      2. laser therapy
    4. magneto therapy
    5. electrotherapy with all kinds of ellectric current,
    6. cryotherapy, treating mostly pains in joints and spine
  3. We also provide services in the context of occupational therapy
    We provide complete rehabilitation required by the National Health Fund for rehabilitation and outpatient rehabilitation hospital wards, except for hydrotherapy.

    Our patients are taken care by:

    • 2 masters rehabilitation
    • rehabilitation physician
    • nurse for 12 hours. day, eventually 24 hours.
    • medical care assistant for 24 hours/li>
    • Speech therapist
  4. A unique advantage of Oak Park is a genuine opportunity to benefit from a number of doctors of different specialties within the residence (see why). If the need arose guarantee consultations with specialties such as:
    • neurologists
    • psychiatrists
    • doctor of internal medicine
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